Welcome to the Harrison COVID-19 Research Group

Using actionable data and cognitive research strategies, our mission is to provide an interim therapy against COVID-19 that is safe and effective. We believe doing nothing is doing harm, so our goal is to provide our community with the proper means to defend themselves against this most heinous foe. This website will provide video and text presentations on current and important research into the Severe Acute Respiratory EndoVascular Syndrome CoV 2 and its cause of COVID-19 and its maladies. It will also provide a means by which you can decrease the risk for yourself and your loved ones from severe illness due to the COVID-19 virus.


DeBartolo Longevity Video Intro with Dr. Harrison

Bromhexine Protocol Talk with Dr. Harrison

A digital 3-D demonstration of how the COVID-19 virus spike contracts and opens its “mouth” up near its receptor binding site on the host cell.

Harrison group COVID-19 presentation

A presentation by Dr. Eric E. Harrison on the significance of the COVID-19 virus in our current world and potential interim therapy:

FPA Tampa Townhall Webinar with Q&A for Mayor Jane Castor

Collaboration of presentations and answers from Local physicians and healthcare providers of Tampa and a session of Q&A for our distinguished mayor Jane Castor on what is SARS-CoV 2 and COVID-19, how it has affected our city, country, and world, what we can do to protect ourselves and love ones, and plans and goals going forward in order to survive this pandemic: