It is not possible to nasally dispense drugs to contagious viral patients without our technology to repurpose Optinose in such a way as to contain the exhaled breath from the contralateral nostril into a nozzle and holding chamber which prevents environmental contamination and allows for either safe disposal of the contagious virus contained in the holding chamber or using the holding chamber for viral load analysis or in the case of a recently vaccinated patient, analysis of sigA to measure the vaccination effectiveness.

Dr Eric Harrison and PrivaCors Inc in Tampa, Florida are waiving their rights on their company’s COVID-19 Nasal Spray for Vaccine and Testing for successful treatment to WHO and others because restrictive patents thwart the urgent third world need to stem the pandemic. Harrison and PrivaCors will give up their patent for unique safe delivery of nasal vaccine by way of a nostril and with monitoring by testing the exhalant from the other nostril, which was deposited in a spring activated safe protected compartment. This analysis is for viral load, PH, vaccination mucosal antibodies, sigA analysis, other viral antigens, and for evidence of stomach reflux. PrivaCors, Dr. Harrison and his team originated the provisional patent through their patent attorney Kent Roberts in Buffalo, NY.

Repurposing Optinose and Camostat for COVID 19

Time is of the essence with a Pandemic!

The reason for repurposing is to adapt already FDA approved devices and medications to eradication of a lethal virus when FDA prolonged phased trials of new devices and medications is not possible due to rapid viral spread of infection and death!